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How do you work with multiple users on an Excel worksheet?

Can you mass check in documents in SharePoint? You can perform bulk check-in files on every level in the structure: SharePoint Site, Document Library, folder or list of selected documents. This feature works also for Document Libraries with more than 5000 items. What is better Google forms or SurveyMonkey? Google Forms has more rules available […]

How does a thermal plant work? How does a thermal plant work?

What are the problems of thermal power plant? The thermal power plant has serious impacts on land , soil, air and various social impacts the thermal power plant are also said to emit large amount of mercury and generate large quantity of fly ash which destroys the surrounding environment. These plants also consume a large […]

What are the requirements to work at Apple?

Which apps can spy on you? How legitimate apps could be used to spy on you Is there a free app to intercept text messages? Part 6: ClickFree. ClickFree is a safe and secure spy app that is designed to intercept text messages remotely. It’s compatible with major devices, especially Android and iOS. Beyond text […]

How does a cooperative work?

What are the disadvantages of cooperative farming? Disadvantages of Cooperative Society: What are the features of cooperative farming? Features of Cooperative Joint Farming: What are the types of cooperative? Types of Cooperatives What is cooperative movement and its advantages? cooperative movement Variety of worldwide organizations, founded to provide mutual assistance in economic enterprises for the […]

How do you deal with unexpected tasks and situations at work?

How do you handle gracefully? Acting with grace is largely about focusing on what you want to happen next, rather than focusing on what has happened to you. It’s about taking ownership of yourself, your emotions, and your response to a situation. What does it mean to handle yourself with grace? How do you handle […]