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How do animals living on land water on trees both in water and on land and animals that can fly adapt?

How fresh water animals and plants are adapted to live in this habitat? – Animal species such as crayfish are adapted to low oxygen concentrations and exposure to air. This adaptation occurs in plants that live in flooded areas like riverbeds. – The leaves of freshwater plants have very thin leaves that can absorb most […]

Is salt water more conductive than water?

Is alcohol a good conductor of electricity? No, alcohol does not conduct electricity because it is a covalent compound. Therefore, it does not have free electrons to flow across it. So, alcohol does not conduct electricity. Why is tap water conductive? Pure water contains very few ions and so it is a poor electricity conductor. […]

What happens when oxygen and hydrogen bonds form water?

Why is water a liquid at room temperature but oxygen is a gas? The hydrogen atoms of one water molecule are attracted to the lone pairs of electrons on the oxygen atoms of adjoining water molecules. Molecules like oxygen gas and nitrogen gas are gases at room temperature. Because of the hydrogen bonding between water […]

What is it called when water sits above the glass? What is it called when water sits above the glass?

Which meniscus of acid Hematin is considered? Lower meniscus of acid hematin describes the phase boundary between acid hematin and air. This is the approximate level of hemoglobin in the blood. Why do air bubbles increase volume? The pressure under a liquid surface varies with depth. As depth increases, pressure increases. Thus, when a bubble […]