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What type of disease is cystic fibrosis?

Can you have cystic fibrosis without lung problems? But new research suggests that this pulmonary view of cystic fibrosis is only half of the picture: a suite of symptoms associated with cystic fibrosis can also occur in patients who do not have lung disease at all, indicating that cystic fibrosis is really two diseases. What […]

Which CPU type would most likely be found in a smart phone?

Which brightness is good for eyes? [Point 5] Review your display brightness setting This can greatly reduce the strain on your eyes. For example, in an office with normal brightness of 300-500 lux, the display brightness should be adjusted to around 100-150 cd/m2. Do you need glasses for eye strain? Frequent headaches: Sometimes the mechanism […]

What type of mic is best suited for outdoor use?

Does a wireless microphone need an amplifier? You will probably need a pre Amp for a microphone. The Electrical signal created by a microphone is very quiet, too quiet for recording. This signal is called mic level. The pre-amp amplifies the mic level signal to line level which is a more robust and bigger signal […]

What type of house did the Innu live in?

What does Innu mean in English? The Innu / Ilnu (“man”, “person”) or Innut / Innuat / Ilnuatsh (“people”), formerly called Montagnais from the French colonial period (French for “mountain people”, English pronunciation: /ˌmɔːntənˈjeɪ/), are the Indigenous inhabitants of territory in the northeastern portion of the present-day province of Quebec and … What do the […]

What personality type was Selena Quintanilla?

Who did Selena marry? Chris Pérezm. 1992–1995 Did the little girl in Selena actually sing? Madison Baez isn’t the first actress to play “young Selena.” 10-year-old Becky Lee Meza was chosen from 22,000 actresses to play young Selena. However, unlike Baez, Meza didn’t sing—she lip-synced to the vocals of Jennifer Peña. Jennifer Lopez and Becky […]

What type of sand is used in sand filter?

What is better sand or cartridge filter? Cartridge filters can screen out twice as much dirt and debris as a sand filter. Its larger filtration area allows the water to progress through the cartridge removing smaller particles. Maintenance is much easier in that there is no need for a back-washing step. How do you filter […]