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What country has the highest eating disorder rate?

[ad_1] How common is Arfid? ARFID is one of the most common eating disorders treated in children. Between 5–14% of children in inpatient programs and as many as 22.5% of children in outpatient programs for eating disorders have now been diagnosed with ARFID. One study showed it affects boys more often than girls. Is Arfid […]

What is a hiring rate?

[ad_1] How do you attract the best people? Follow these steps to attract and retain top talent. How can I attract more employees? How to Recruit Employees for Small Business What are job candidates looking for? Top 13 Things Candidates Are Looking for Out of a Career How do you attract candidates to a job? […]

How do you rate a professor on rate my professor?

[ad_1] Can you date a teacher in college? Is it illegal to sleep with a professor? As one graduate student put it, “Students should be treated by faculty as scholars, not as potential sexual partners.” And even though most other colleges and universities ban student-faculty dating where a supervisory relationships exists, virtually no institution requires […]

Why is the infant mortality rate so low in Iceland?

[ad_1] How do you know if your baby has died in the womb? If it’s suspected your baby may have died, a midwife or doctor might initially listen for the baby’s heartbeat with a handheld Doppler device. You’ll also be offered an ultrasound scan to check your baby’s heartbeat. Sometimes a mother may still feel […]

What is slab rate of professional tax?

[ad_1] What is a monthly salary? Monthly salary means the monthly salary and special pay and shift differential, or the monthly equivalent for hourly employees. Monthly salary does not include overtime pay, callback pay, standby pay or performance bonuses. Is salary calculated for 30 days or 31 days? In some organizations, the per-day pay is […]

What is the optimal savings rate?

[ad_1] Which tax saving scheme is best? Best Tax-Saving Investments Under Section 80C Is FD income taxable? Interest earned from bank fixed deposits is fully taxable for individuals, while senior citizens can claim a deduction of up to ₹50,000 against the interest earned on savings and fixed deposit interest. Senior citizens claiming deduction, have to […]