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What kind of oil goes in a 2009 Dodge Journey?

[ad_1] What happens if you put 5w20 instead of 5w30? If you put in 5W-30 oil instead of 5W-20 when the latter is the grade suggested by your vehicle’s manufacturer, damage to internal engine parts can occur. Additionally, your engine may experience performance issues such as diminished fuel economy and horsepower. What happens if you […]

Is ylang ylang oil good for sleep?

[ad_1] What is a good gift for someone with anxiety? Here are some gift ideas that may really help de-stress your loved ones struggling to calm down. Does peppermint oil calm you down? Peppermint is associated with decreased anxiety and fatigue while driving. Peppermint and cinnamon are associated with decreased frustration and greater levels of […]

How much PAG oil do I put in a compressor?

[ad_1] What happens if an air conditioner is overcharged? A refrigerant overcharge alters the pressure inside the air conditioner and puts the compressor in danger. The Compressor: Excess refrigerant creates a danger called slugging. This is when extra refrigerant floods into the piston cylinders of the compressor when in a liquid state. What happens if […]

How do you ingest frankincense essential oil?

[ad_1] Are eggs bad for neuropathy? And, if a B-12 deficiency isn’t treated in a timely manner, the nerve damage can be permanent. The best food sources of vitamin B-12 are meats, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy foods and fortified cereals. Is neuropathy crippling? Living with peripheral neuropathy is like riding a roller-coaster — especially for […]