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How do I find the Dewey Decimal number for a book?

[ad_1] Where is India’s largest library? Kolkata Who is the first librarian in world? Zenodotus Who is the father of library? Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan What is the full form of library? Explanation: Abbreviated lib. See also: academic library, government library, monastic library, new library, proto-library, public library, special library, and subscription library. What are the […]

How do you calculate the number of unemployed workers?

[ad_1] Is the labor market shrinking? But unemployment data overstates the health of the labor market because the supply of people either working or looking for a job has declined. The U.S. labor force is 2.2% smaller than in February, a loss of 3.7 million workers. What can happen to unemployment when the economy slows […]