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What structure was the tallest man made object in the world?

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Why does the manhunt on TV identify an innocent man as Montag?

[ad_1] What is the conflict between Montag and Beatty? The first conflict is when he starts to read books. In society, books are banned, yet Montag goes against society and reads them anyway. The second conflict is when Montag kills Beatty. Montag kills Beatty because Montag doesn’t want beatty to find faber and kill him. […]

Did the car really fly in The Man with the Golden Gun?

[ad_1] What is chaos reach? Chaos Reach is the Super ability of Warlock’s Stormcaller subclass. After casting for 1s, fire a channeled beam of energy for 4s that damages enemies. Striking a final blow will cause the target to explode after 0.7s, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Did chaos reach get nerfed? The Stormcaller’s Chaos […]