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Was Laurel in Emmerdale an alcoholic?

[ad_1] Does Laurel get rid of the baby in Emmerdale? LAUREL and Jai make the heartbreaking decision to terminate their pregnancy in a special four-hander episode next week in Emmerdale. The episode – featuring Laurel, Jai, Marlon and Rhona – will see Laurel and Jai make the controversial decision after a CVS test reveals the […]

Is laurel poisonous to humans?

[ad_1] How poisonous is cherry laurel? Laurel Hedge Is Poisonous to Humans Both types of cherry laurel are considered highly toxic and may cause severe illness or even death. When the leaves and stems wilt, the cyanide content increases, making the plants more toxic. If you suspect that someone has eaten cherry laurel, don’t wait […]