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Why is Egyptian mummification important?

What were the benefits of being a soldier in Ancient Egypt? Since their training made them so strong, Ancient Egyptian soldiers were excellent as laborers and farmworkers. The Egyptian army worked the fields during harvest time, and also worked as builders for constructions like the Pharaoh’s palace, religious temples, and pyramids. What are the elements […]

Which factor is most important in determining climate?

What are some examples of climate? Climate is the average of that weather. For example, you can expect snow in the Northeast in January or for it to be hot and humid in the Southeast in July. This is climate. The climate record also includes extreme values such as record high temperatures or record amounts […]

Why was nature important to wampanoags?

How did Wampanoag govern themselves? Aquinnah Wampanoag own 485 acres of land and are governed by an elected tribal council; the council also has a traditional chief and a medicine man as members. They maintain traditional governing roles by electing a sachem, a medicine man, clan matriarchs, and an elder council. What did the Pilgrims […]

Why is using a standard format for relaying medical information to the emergency department important?

Is EMS considered public health? It is also part of both the larger public safety infrastructure and the public health infrastructure. By its nature, EMS is part acute medical care, part public health, part mental health, part emergency service, part community service, part social service, part transportation service and more. Which of the following is […]

Why are characters so important in fiction?

How does character affect the story? That is the most important thingL: characters must shape the story. They need to influence the action and make the narrative one that could only happen to them. What happens in the story should be the result of what your character does, and her/his actions are dependent on both […]

What are the consequences for not performing important duties?

Is underperformance same as poor performance? Poor performance or underperformance is when an employee is not meeting the standards and expectations of their role in the company. Many cases of poor performance are unintentional. Sometimes an employee will be unaware they are underperforming and won’t change unless they are told otherwise. How do you punish […]

Why is leadership important in mentoring?

What is the difference between a leader and a mentor? A leader is someone who leads a group of people or a business. A leader is different from a manager. A mentor is someone who is experienced and willingly trains and advises others. The differences are that mentors often become confidants while leaders usually aren’t. […]

Who proposed the separation of powers that became an important element of the US Constitution answers com?

What is doctrine of separation of power? The separation of Power is a method of removing the amount of power in any groups hands, making it more difficult to abuse. It is generally accepted that there are three main categories of governmental functions: (i) the legislative, (ii) the Executive, and (iii) the Judicial. Who is […]

Why is Maslow hierarchy of needs important to managers?

What happens if our self concept is positive? If it is positive, we tend to act and perceive the world positively. What happens if our self-concept is positive? If it is negative, we feel dissatisfied and unhappy. Being true to oneself, can lead to self-indulgence, selfishness, and an erosion of moral restraints (Campbell & Specht, […]