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How did the Tigris and Euphrates rivers benefit early Mesopotamians?

[ad_1] Does Babylon still exist? The city of Babylon, whose ruins are located in present-day Iraq, was founded more than 4,000 years ago as a small port town on the Euphrates River. It grew into one of the largest cities of the ancient world under the rule of Hammurabi. Why did Nebuchadnezzar II build the […]

What early psychological approach was led by William James?

[ad_1] What is the difference between traditional grammar and structural grammar? Structural grammar is quite different form the Traditional Grammar. Instead if focusing on the individual word and its notional meaning or its part-of-speech function in the sentence, Structural grammar focuses on cluster of structures — sounds, forms, word groups, phrases — working from smaller […]

Why did Lincoln have to make a decision about Fort Sumter early in his presidency?

[ad_1] What really happened at Fort Sumter? After a 33-hour bombardment by Confederate cannons, Union forces surrender Fort Sumter in South Carolina’s Charleston Harbor. The first engagement of the war ended in Rebel victory. The surrender concluded a standoff that began with South Carolina’s secession from the Union on December 20, 1860. Why did the […]