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Why is the Ames test for mutagens used to test for carcinogens AAMC?

[ad_1] The Ames Test combines a bacterial revertant mutation assay with a simulation of mammalian metabolism to produce a highly sensitive test for mutagenic chemicals in the environment. A rat liver homogenate is prepared to produce a metabolically active extract (S9).The question asks the examinee to explain why the Ames test for mutagens can be […]

What is the relationship between mutagens and carcinogens?

[ad_1] Can chemicals cause mutations? The chemical or physical agents that cause mutations are called mutagens. Examples of physical mutagens are ultraviolet (UV) and gamma radiation. Radiation exerts its mutagenic effect either directly or by creating free radicals that in turn have mutagenic effects. Which mutation is most harmful? 1). Because an insertion or deletion […]