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How much is a California out of state fishing license?

[ad_1] Can you keep octopus in California? Octopus may be taken year-round, and up to 35 octopi may be taken per day or possessed at any time. Scuba diving equipment may not be used to take octopus north of Yankee Point, Monterey County (California Code of Regulations Title 14, section 29.05). There are no size […]

How can I get free dental care in California?

[ad_1] Does regular health insurance cover dental care? Is root canal covered by medical insurance? Most health insurance plans don’t cover dental care. There are exceptions, as well as dental-specific insurance plans. Unfortunately, most health insurance plans do not cover dental care. It’s often covered only through separate insurance specifically for dental care. Does Denti-Cal […]

What if the United States Supreme Court had not issued the prior opinion and California courts?

[ad_1] Can you sue for slander and defamation of character? A successful lawsuit for defamation of character might require a showing of real damage caused by the statement. Defamation of character occurs when someone makes a false and harmful statement about you. “Libel” is a defamatory statement made in writing or posted online, while “slander” […]

What are the top 10 exports of California?

[ad_1] Which state has the most farms Texas or California? Texas leads with 240,000 farms and Missouri comes second with 97,300 farms. The other states with the most farms are Iowa (86,900), Oklahoma (77,200), California (77,100), Kentucky (76,800), Ohio (73,600), Minnesota (73,200), Illinois (71,000), and Wisconsin (68,500). What fruit does California produce the most of? […]

Was the United States justified in annexing Texas and taking California from Mexico?

[ad_1] What area did Mexico claim the border? Texas claimed its border with Mexico was the Rio Grande, while Mexico claimed its border with Texas was at the Nueces River. This dispute over the Texas-Mexico border caused more problems when the U.S. annexed Texas in 1845. The U.S. declared war against Mexico a year later, […]