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What was the Battle of Britain and why was it important?What was the Battle of Britain and why was it important?

[ad_1] Why is the US not invaded? Why is the US not invaded? Did Japan ever consider invading Hawaii? Many experts have considered the US impossible to invade because of its major industries, reliable and fast supply lines, large geographical size, geographic location, population size, and difficult regional features. Why didn’t Japan invade Hawaii? The […]

What was the result of the Battle of Tippecanoe quizlet?

[ad_1] What did the US gain from the Indian Removal Act? In 1830, he signed the Indian Removal Act, which gave the federal government the power to exchange Native-held land in the cotton kingdom east of the Mississippi for land to the west, in the “Indian colonization zone” that the United States had acquired as […]

Why was victory at the Battle of Gaugamela so crucial to the success of Alexander the Great?

[ad_1] Who is the richest man ever? Mansa Musa Did Alexander conquer the known world? Alexander the Great (r. 336-323 BCE) of Macedon led his army on a series of campaigns which successfully conquered the then-known world from Macedon, through Greece, down to Egypt, across Persia, to India. How tall was Alexander the Great? Alexander […]

How was the Great Wall of China used in battle?

[ad_1] What religion were most people in medieval times? Roman Catholic Did people stink in ancient times? Perfumes and scents were common as well. Naturally, you’d still get plenty of unwashed people who would stink, but the general hygiene level was pretty decent. Go forward a few hundred years in medieval Europe and it will […]

What was a direct result of the Texas victory at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21 1836?

[ad_1] Can you drive from Texas to Mexico? Originally Answered: Is it safe to drive from Texas to Mexico City? Yes. It is safe. The roads in Mexico are excellent. When did Mexico settle in Texas? Mexican Texas Why did people settle Texas? Americans to Texas, 1820-1845 As early as 1803, Americans settled there. After […]

How much does a custody battle cost UK?

[ad_1] How do I apply for full parental responsibility? Sign a parental responsibility agreement If you’re a father who wants parental responsibility and the mother agrees, fill in a parental responsibility agreement. There’s a different agreement form for step parents. Take the agreement to your local family court where it can be signed and witnessed. […]