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What beneficial bacteria are in sauerkraut?

[ad_1] Does drinking pickle juice help with dehydration? One of the gravest dangers experienced by muscles is dehydration. Pickle juice rehydrates fast, stopping cramps in their tracks and prevents other ailments stemming from dehydration. Why do people drink pickle juice with Jameson? Stay With Strong Pairings… Keuppens says the original pickle-brine-and-whiskey combo can be traced […]

What is the symbiotic relationship between anglerfish and bioluminescent bacteria?

[ad_1] What is the most Colourful freshwater fish? Regal Rainbowfish So-named because they display every colour of the rainbow, these freshwater fish from Australia and New Guinea look plain when in the shops but give them space, good water, good food and time, and they will blossom, becoming some of the most colourful naturally occurring […]

Which best compares the roles of nitrogen fixing bacteria and certain decomposers in the nitrogen cycle Brainly?

[ad_1] Is it safe to take BCAA everyday? Research has shown supplemental BCAA intake to be safe for healthy adults in doses of 4-20 g per day, with prolonged intake one week or more showing greater benefits than acute (short term) intake. Do amino acids affect kidneys? Amino acids regulate haemodynamics and proteolysis and maintain […]

How does bacteria in your intestines help you?

[ad_1] What medicine makes you poop? Prescription Drugs What does aspirin do to your stomach? In addition to lowering the blood’s ability to clot, aspirin also inhibits helpful substances that protect the stomach’s delicate lining, creating a “double whammy” effect. As a result, stomach upset or bleeding in the stomach and intestines can occur. Does […]

What bacteria causes encephalitis?

[ad_1] Does encephalitis get better by itself? Recovering from encephalitis Some people eventually make a full recovery from encephalitis, although this can be a long and frustrating process. Many people never make a full recovery and are left with long-term problems caused by damage to their brain. Can encephalitis be caused by stress? At a […]