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What kind of antifreeze does a 2004 Dodge Cummins take?

[ad_1] What happens if I mix pink and green antifreeze? When these two mix, there’s a chemical reaction that causes the coolant to “gel” and turn brown in color. The coolant will get so thick that it can’t pass through the cooling passages and will cause an engine meltdown. What is the difference between pink […]

Why do you put antifreeze in your car?

[ad_1] If you’re only adding antifreeze, then open the hood and locate either the radiator cap or the coolant overflow bottle under the hood. Turn the cap counterclockwise to open it, and add your manufacturer-recommended antifreeze until the radiator is full, or the coolant overflow bottle is filled to the “COLD” line.Antifreeze is an agent […]

How do antifreeze proteins keep fish from freezing?

[ad_1] Do humans have antifreeze proteins? For ectotherms living in northern latitudes, it’s essential to prevent ice crystals from forming in their blood. They do this by naturally producing antifreeze proteins that stunt the development of icy needles. Humans, on the other hand, can only add more layers to prevent their limbs from freezing. Can […]

What is the best antifreeze for your older car?

[ad_1] Can I use green coolant instead of orange? Coolant expands as it heats and contracts when it cools. The extra space prevents damage to your engine and hoses. In worst case scenarios, overfilling your antifreeze tank can lead to electrical damage if overflow comes into contact with engine wiring. Can a car overheat from […]

How cold does it have to be for 50/50 antifreeze to freeze?

[ad_1] What happens if coolant is too concentrated? Concentrated engine coolant (ethylene glycol) has poor heat transfer abilities. After it gets hot, it will not effectively transfer heat from the engine block. The radiator and fan will not be effective in expelling the heat transfer to the atmosphere. In heavy/slow traffic the engine will overheat. […]