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Which security algorithm spring secures password?

[ad_1] In last Spring Security form login example, the password is stored in clear-text, it is vulnerable to attack. In practice, recommend to hash your password before storing them. Spring Security supports following hashing algorithms : plaintext.There are many standard algorithms like SHA or MD5 which combined with a proper SALT can be a good […]

What is algorithm and complexity?

[ad_1] What are the three basic building blocks of a program? Programs are designed using common building blocks….There are three basic building blocks to consider: What are the fundamental building blocks of QB64? QB64 extends the QuickBASIC language in several ways. It adds the new data types including _BIT , _BYTE , _INTEGER64 and _FLOAT […]

Which of the following is an example of a symmetric encryption algorithm?

[ad_1] What is ECC in safety? ECC – Never Compromising Safety. “ECC–Never Compromising Safety,” a tagline created by our employee-owners, is more than a safety slogan to us–it’s a way of life. Safety is a core value at ECC and its importance is reflected through all organizational levels and in all operating standards. Is ECC […]

Which of the following provides a visual representation of the patterns of an algorithm group of answer choices?

[ad_1] Why is there a rising interest on functional programming? Recently, with the advent of new compilers and improvements to functional languages, businesses have begun to give functional programming a second look. The rise of multi-core processing has also increased interest in functional programs that support concurrency more readily. What are side effects in functional […]

Why is SJF scheduling algorithm difficult to implement in a real OS?

[ad_1] What is the best scheduling algorithms in operating system? The FCFS is better for a small burst time. The SJF is better if the process comes to processor simultaneously. The last algorithm, Round Robin, is better to adjust the average waiting time desired. Round Robin quantum time will set it towards more SJF or […]

What is disadvantage of FIFO page replacement algorithm?

[ad_1] What is a page fault How long does it take to resolve? While page faults are common when working with virtual memory, each page fault requires transferring data from secondary memory to primary memory. This process may only take a few milliseconds, but that can still be several thousand times slower than accessing data […]

What is the advantage of ID3 algorithm?

[ad_1] What are the four steps for creating a good and appropriate tree design? Our decision tree has four major steps: (1) Single- or multi-level interface; (2) Create the high-level displays; (3) Simultaneous or temporal display of the visual levels; and (4) Embedded or separate display of the visual levels. What approach is taken by […]