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Who was the first English explorer at America?

The Voyages of Christopher Columbus opened the New World. Italian navigator and explorer Giovanni Caboto (known in English as John Cabot) is credited with the discovery of continental North America on June 24, 1497, under the commission of Henry VII of England.For a long time, most people believed that Christopher Columbus was the first explorer […]

Who won the French wars of religion?

The Peace of Augsburg (1555), signed by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, confirmed the result of the Diet of Speyer (1526), ending the war between German Lutherans and Catholics, and establishing that: Rulers of the 224 German states could choose the religion (Lutheranism or Catholicism) of their realms.This led to the War of the Three […]

Is owned by a single individual who is responsible for all decisions and liabilities?

The individual entrepreneur owns the business and is fully responsible for all its debts and legal liabilities. The owner receives all profits (subject to taxation specific to the business) and has unlimited responsibility for all losses and debts.Limited Liability means that corporate owners (stockholders) and limited partners are responsible for looses only up to the […]

Who won the popular vote in Canada 2019?

Canada’s electoral system is referred to as a “first past the post” system. The candidate with the most votes in a riding wins a seat in the House of Commons and represents that riding as its Member of Parliament (MP). The party whose candidates win the second largest number of seats becomes the Official Opposition.Opinion […]

Who started Christianity in Rome?

In 313 CE, the emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, which granted Christianity—as well as most other religions—legal status. In 380 CE, the emperor Theodosius issued the Edict of Thessalonica, which made Christianity, specifically Nicene Christianity, the official religion of the Roman Empire. Similarly, who made Christianity illegal in Rome? Persecution of Christians in […]