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When was Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God?

Jonathan Edwards gave his sermon during that period. His intended audience is probably two-fold. First, he knows that he is speaking to still faithfully strong Puritans. His fire and brimstone sermon served to keep those believers on the straight and narrow.Jonathan Edwards’s main goal in writing and delivering his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of […]

When was Isabella d’Este born?

Isabella d’Este (Gonzaga) was a powerful and well-educated political figure, humanitarian, patron of the arts, and mother of seven. Known as “The First Lady of the Renaissance,” she was related to nearly every ruler in Italy either by birth or marriage.Isabella d’Este (May 19, 1474–February 13, 1539) was a patron of Renaissance learning, arts, and […]

When you put on the brakes by pushing down the brake pedal?

One of the more common causes for the brake pedal going to the floor is a loss of brake fluid. Another possible cause is a bad brake master cylinder. The master cylinder is where brake fluid gets compressed. Pressure on the brake fluid cases the brakes to be applied to the wheels.Air brakes are really […]

Who founded the Slave Dynasty and when?

He founded the Mamluk dynasty and made Delhi his capital. The word ‘Mamluk‘ means ‘owned’ in the Arabic language. Since the Sultans of this dynasty were earlier slaves or were the sons of former slaves, the Mamluk dynasty came to be known as the slave dynasty.Mamluk dynasty (Delhi) (also called Slave dynasty or Gulham dynasty) […]

When did Lewis Powell die?

The notorious Lewis Thornton Powell was hanged in Washington in 1865 for his involvement with John Wilkes Booth in the conspiracy to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. Likewise, who did Lewis Powell attack? Wikimedia CommonsPowell deserted the Mosby Rangers in January 1865. Three months later, he was arrested for the attempted murder of Secretary of State […]

When did medieval literature start?

Medieval literature is a broad subject, encompassing essentially all written works available in Europe and beyond during the Middle Ages (that is, the one thousand years from the fall of the Western Roman Empire ca. AD 500 to the beginning of the Renaissance in the 14th, 15th or 16th century, depending on country).Medieval literature is […]