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Can a verbal contract be legally binding?

[ad_1] Verbal agreements and oral contracts are generally valid and legally binding as long as they are reasonable, equitable, conscionable and made in good faith. Contracts that are clearly written and executed are easier to present as evidence in court than the testimony of the contractual parties.When two or more parties come to an agreement […]

How long do tea light candles burn?

[ad_1] Votives burn for 10 to 15 hours and tea lights burn for four to six hours, depending on manufacturer and conditions.However, when the tealight is very close to burning out with the remains of the matchstick inside, it starts burning very violently, with the flame forming fantastic shapes (it looks like the whole remaining […]

Can you put potassium in a water softener?

[ad_1] In both potassium chloride and sodium chloride water softener systems ion exchange occurs, and the minerals remove magnesium and calcium by swapping places. The only difference is that you’ll be drinking potassium with a potassium chloride softener, and you’ll be drinking sodium with a sodium chloride softener.You could try adding potassium chloride to your […]

How does Death of a Salesman critique the American dream?

[ad_1] Biff’s idea of the American Dream is to own a ranch out west and farm. He doesn’t want to follow his father’s path of trying to be a great salesman and (supposedly) end up rolling in easy money. To pursue his dream, Biff goes to ask his former employer, Mr.Arthur Miller’s Death of A […]

Can aluminum gutters rust?

[ad_1] This material is incredibly durable. In fact, they stand up to snow and hail quite well, plus they resist thinning over time. This feeds into the longevity of the product. Most seamless gutters last homeowners 20 years or more!Both aluminum and steel gutters resist rust. However, aluminum resists it slightly better than galvanized steel. […]

Can I eat cauliflower every day?

[ad_1] While riced cauliflower is great for people looking to keep their daily calorie intake low and fiber intake high, it’s not necessarily always the best option. Plain old rice has many nutritional benefits, as well.As a good source of fiber, cauliflower slows digestion and promotes feelings of fullness. This may automatically reduce the number […]

Can you use Quartz on a fireplace?

[ad_1] Quartz is often used for fireplace surrounds and mantles due to its inherent heat resistance. The durability of quartz also guarantees that your fireplace will stand up to scratches, stains, and other damage over time.Caesarstone surfaces are ideal for furniture pieces like coffee tables and entertainment units. They are a designer’s favorite to use […]

Can you sell unregistered securities?

[ad_1] Sales reps can accept unsolicited orders for non–exempt and registered securities, but they can also solicit orders for non–exempt, registered securities and for exempt, unregistered securities. They cannot solicit orders for non–exempt, unregistered securities.Unregistered shares have fewer investor protections and pose different kinds of risks than registered securities. As a result, companies can only […]