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Are Samsung washers quiet?

[ad_1] Samsung offers VRT (Vibration Reduction Technology) and recently added VRT Plus to its lineup, which makes its washers 40% quieter than the standard VRT from Samsung. When Samsung came out with its first washer with VRT in 2007, it claimed that it was the quietest washer ever during the spin cycle.Samsung’s Top-Loading Washer with […]

Are tinned potatoes bad for you?

[ad_1] just though I would ask so what recipes do you add them to. Ooooohhhh,I love tinned potatoes. I only discovered them about 12 months ago(they are free on Slimming World,so good for me). usually I just fry them(I use fry-light,but you can use oil),and have with bacon,eggs,sometimes baked beans.She argued: “There’s a lot of […]

Are distributions from an estate taxable to the beneficiary?

[ad_1] An irrevocable trust reports income on Form 1041, the IRS’s trust and estate tax return. Even if a trust is a separate taxpayer, it may not have to pay taxes. If it makes distributions to a beneficiary, the trust will take a distribution deduction on its tax return and the beneficiary will receive IRS […]

Should you insulate your attic roof?

[ad_1] When used as attic roof insulation, rigid foam can be installed between attic rafters, directly beneath attic rafters, or in both locations. Like spray foam, rigid foam provides an air and moisture barrier as well as high R-value insulation.A finished attic should be insulated much like the rest of the house, with insulation in […]