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What are the causes and consequences of malnutrition?

[ad_1] How do you fight malnutrition in your community? 14 steps to eradicating malnutrition in 15 years What is malnutrition answer? Malnutrition refers to deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy and/or nutrients. What is the most common type of malnutrition? There are two main types of undernourishment: protein-energy malnutrition and dietary […]

Is G6PD inherited from mother or father?

[ad_1] What medications affect G6PD? Causes Can G6PD drink alcohol? In conclusion, the present study suggests that patients with G6PD deficiency should avoid ethanol intake. If they consume any ethanol, they should not be administered oxidant drugs such as analgesics and antipyretic, which frequently inhibit G6PD activity. Can G6PD eat baked beans? Can G6PD eat […]

Is Serotonin linked to impulse control?

[ad_1] What activities release serotonin? The four ways to boost serotonin activity are sunlight, massage, exercise, and remembering happy events. At this point, feel free to return to your stressful life, or keep reading for a more in-depth look. Now if you’re really having trouble, go see a psychiatrist, and stop looking for medical advice […]