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Which animals have a dorsal nerve cord?

[ad_1] Do koalas have a purpose? As the koalas feed, they break branches and drop leaves, making them available to ground insects. Koalas are also an important part of the food chain are serve as prey for large carnivores in the ecosystem. Protecting koalas is equivalent to conserving the forests inhabited by them that act […]

Where do tree kangaroos live in the rainforest?

[ad_1] How many German soldiers died in Russian POW camps? 381,067 German How many POWs died in German camps? German atrocities committed against Soviet prisoners of war Where were German prisoners of war kept? The majority of these POWs were held in camps within Germany, and in former German-occupied territories, such as Belgium. How many […]

Were boomerangs used to hunt kangaroos?

[ad_1] What is the healthiest method of cooking and why? Moist-heat cooking methods, such as boiling and steaming, are the healthiest ways to prepare meats and produce because they’re done at lower temperatures. What is dice slang for? Compound word, formed when saying “that’s nice.” Form of New England Sarcasm. Response- Dice. … Why do […]

What do you need to survive in the Australian bush?

[ad_1] Is Australia the driest continent? Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world; 70% of it is either arid or semi arid land. The arid zone is defined as areas which receive an average rainfall of 250mm or less. The semi arid zone is defined as areas which receive an average rainfall between […]