When did Travis Pastrana do his double backflip?


Who is the youngest person to do a backflip on ground?

RACINE — At age 1, Brody Ervin started riding a Strider no-pedal bike. By 2, he was able to ride a two-wheel bike with no training wheels. At age 6, he could do a backflip and he may just be the youngest child ever to complete a backflip on his bike.

Who is the youngest person to do a backflip?

Artarmon, NSW Australia — Jamie Russell (DOB 21/2/2012) of North Rothbury, NSW Australia managed to complete a backflip on his scooter by traveling down a ramp from a height of 2.5 m. to a timber boxed ramp, landing with both feet on the scooter deck and successfully rolling away with both feet still on the scooter …

What are flips called?

Many gymnastics flips are descriptively named, based on the direction of rotation and the body position that is assumed during execution. For example, a front flip performed with a tucked body form is called a front tuck. When initiated from a stationary, standing position, a front tuck is called a standing front tuck.

Are flips dangerous?

Flips are dangerous, like many things in life. Crossing the street is dangerous (you could get hit by a car) and drinking water is dangerous (you could choke). If you do a flip wrong, and you land on your neck you could break your neck or fracture your skull.

Who invented the front flip?

Mark Monea

Who has landed a double backflip?

A talented acrobat has finally achieved the first standing double backflip in the world. Nick Fry shared on Instagram his attempt to pull off an incredible standing backflip for it to be caught on camera.

Who was the first person to do a double backflip?

Josh completed the trick at the home of Travis Pastrana, who was the first person to land a double backflip in competition back in 2006.

Where did Travis Pastrana land the double backflip?

Not only did he have the Staples Center in Los Angeles full of people watching, but he had the world watching through ESPN as he made history landing the first double backflip on his Suzuki FMX bike.

When did Travis Pastrana do his double backflip?