How many DGP are there in Gujarat?


What is IPS syllabus?

Is IPS exam difficult?

The IPS Syllabus for Civil Services Prelims Exam is as follows: Syllabus of Paper I (General Studies – I) Current events of national and international importance. History of India and The Indian National Movement. Indian and World Geography-Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World.

Which degree is best for IPS?

The Indian Police Services (IPS) comes under the umbrella of the Civil Services Examination (CSE), which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) annually. The Civil Services Examination is among the toughest exam in the country and a lakh of aspirants appear for the exam every year.

Is IPS or DSP greater?

Answer. Hey aspirant, For becoming an IPS you have to give UPSC exams, for clearing this tough paper you should do that course which have similar subjects with the syllabus of UPSC. BA is one the best degree you can have which will help you for preparing for civil services from your college.

Is DSP an IPS officer?

Typically, an IPS officer is posted as a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) after completion of the training. DGP is the highest ranking police officer.

What is the salary of a DSP?

DSP is a police officer grade at the Indian police force. DSP is similar to ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) and may be elevated to IPS after a few years of service according to state government laws. Examinations are performed annually to appoint police forces to DSP level directly.

How can I become DSP after 12th?

The national average salary for DSP is ₹47,036 per month in India. Filter by location to see DSP salaries in your area. Salaries estimates are based on 4 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by DSP employees.

What is the training period of DSP?

Also Read: How to Become an Indian Forest Service Officer After 12th? The person wishing to become the DSP should undergo the Group 1 Exam conducted by the State Public Service commission exam….Which is divided into:

What is the qualification of DSP?

Eligibility to become Police Officer

Is DSP a good post?

The highest rank given in the Police department through State PCS is DSP. The post of the DSP is associated with a handsome salary, many other perks, and due respect in society. The job also offers a great chance of promotion during the service.

What are the powers of DSP?

1) Prevention of Crime. 2) Investigation of Crime. 3) Maintenance of law & Order. 4) Enforcement of Special and Local Laws.

Who is the DSP of Gujarat?

Sabarkantha. The Superintendent of Police Sabarkantha, Gujarat.

Who does DGP report to?

DGP typically heads the state or UT police force, who in case, are also called State Police Chief. DGP is appointed by the Cabinet from the Indian Police Service and they hold a three-star rank. There may also be additional officers in the state who hold the rank of DGP.

How can I get DGP post?

If you want to be a DGP, then you have to be an IPS officer first. It is because an IPS can also achieve this post with continuous promotions. For becoming an IPS officer, you have to clear your UPSC exam. Such officers first achieve the rank of ASP, then SP, then DIG, SPL IG, and then DGP.

How many DGP are there in Gujarat?

Gujarat Police