Where can I find PF number?


Do I get money if I resign?

An employee who resigns will be entitled to the termination pay that is due to her. Termination pay must be calculated given the circumstances of each resignation. Termination pay is calculated with reference to an employee’s remuneration and not her basic salary or wages.

Do we get salary after resignation?

You will get your salary as you get in normal course. But, if you resign without serving the notice period, then the company is entitled to recover the notice pay. Company may hold last month salary and may disburse it in FNF settlement.

Can I withdraw PF after 2 years?

EPFO allows withdrawal of 90% of the EPF corpus 1 year before retirement, provided the person is not less than 54 years old. As per the old rule, 100% EPF withdrawal is allowed after 2 months of unemployment. EPF corpus withdrawal is exempted from tax but under certain conditions.

Can I have two active PF accounts?

A member can have two pf accounts with single pan. Whenever a member switches job a new account number is given to that member. So, it is natural to have more than one account number with pan. But UAN will be same for all account numbers and you should also get it activated through your current employer.

How can I get my PF account from a closed account?

It is necessary to settle the claims linked to the PF closed account. For this, the employee is certified by the employer of the claim. However, for employees whose company has been shut down, there is no one to certify the claim, then the bank will have to verify on the basis of KYC.

Where can I find PF number?

4 easy ways to find out your EPF account number