What kind of poem is oranges?


What does the poet mean by fog hanging like old coats between the trees?

Line 45 “Fog hanging like old coats between the trees” is a simile, this line suggests a positive and negative connotation of loneness because this line is stated after the boy and the girl walked far from the drug store to eat and this simile was used to show isolation the quote is showing that the fog covers their …

What is the attitude of the poem oranges?

Gary Soto’s poem “Oranges” uses contrasts between brightness and dullness, warmth and cold, and young and old, to convey a romantic experience between the narrator and his girlfriend. The poet reminds us that the recollection of an innocent first love can warm the heart and burn bright in one’s memory.

What are the metaphors in the poem oranges?

Oranges and fire have little in common other than their bright color. The boy’s orange looks bright against the dark setting and resembles a fire in his hands. Soto’s metaphor implicitly compares the brightness of both the orange and fire. The orange also symbolizes young love throughout the poem.

What does the Orange symbolize in the poem Oranges?

The oranges symbolically represent the purity and sweetness of love as well as the boy’s latent spirit. The speaker initially carries the oranges to share with the girl as a gesture of his love. However, the oranges are hidden within his jacket and protected from the external elements.

What is the alliteration in the poem Oranges?

A few lines later, there is a repetition of “b” sounds (another example of alliteration), which, like the “w” sounds, evoke the boy’s steps as he walks: “Beneath my steps, my breath / Before me, then gone” (6-7).

What kind of poem is oranges?

Oranges is a poem that focuses on the feelings and thoughts of an adolescent boy about to meet up with a girl. It’s a first date so he is full of nerves and apprehension, but the two oranges he has in his pocket help offset the winter cold and inner fear.