What is the most bloodiest match in WWE history?


Is Randy Orton nice?

Who is CM Punk best friend?

Maybe it should come as no surprise that Randy Orton isn’t a nice person in real life. He’s always played the role of a heel better than a face, so we should probably expect it to be inherent in him by now. First of all, he’s known to be quite obnoxious to fans.

Is Edge and Randy Orton friends in real life?

CM Punk developed a friendship with Kofi Kingston over his time in WWE. They have a lot of things in common, for example, they are both fans of video games and superheroes. Kingston is probably the best friend CM Punk ever had in the company.

Who was the most famous wrestler?

#4 Edge and Randy Orton are good friends Backstage, the two men remain the closest of friends and The Rated-R Superstar seems to prefer working with The Viper.

What is the greatest WWE match of all time?

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Has John Cena had a 5 star match?

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What is John Cena’s best match?

1 John Cena Vs CM Punk – Money In The Bank (2011) – Rating: 5 Stars.

What is the most bloodiest match in WWE history?

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