What is the conflict in broken chain?


What is the first step in the chain of infection?

What are the 6 links in the chain of infection?

What is the best way to break the chain of infection quizlet?

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What is the chain of infection in order?

The spread of infection can be described as a chain with six links: Infectious agent (pathogen) Reservoir (the normal location of the pathogen) Portal of exit from the reservoir.

How can you break the chain of infection?

Break the chain by cleaning your hands frequently, staying up to date on your vaccines (including the flu shot), covering coughs and sneezes and staying home when sick, following the rules for standard and contact isolation, using personal protective equipment the right way, cleaning and disinfecting the environment.

What is chain of infection?

More specifically, transmission occurs when the agent leaves its reservoir or host through a portal of exit, is conveyed by some mode of transmission, and enters through an appropriate portal of entry to infect a susceptible host. This sequence is sometimes called the chain of infection.

What is the end of a chain called?


What is the purpose of a chain?

Chain, series of links, usually of metal, joined together to form a flexible connector for various purposes, such as holding, pulling, hoisting, hauling, conveying, and transmitting power.

Which of the following is a symbol of death?

The human skull is an obvious and frequent symbol of death, found in many cultures and religious traditions.

What is the point of view in broken chain?

This passage is written in 3rd person point of view and shares how both Ernie and Alfonso are feeling.

What is the genre of broken chain?

Drama War Action

What is the theme in broken chain by Gary Soto?

The theme of the story is true beauty is on the inside not always on the outside. The story takes place in Sacramento, California. “Do you think money grows on trees.” It starts out with Alfonso who is about 13 year old boy who is beginning to take notice in his looks and how other people see him.

How are these conflicts significant to Alfonso’s identity?

How are these conflicts significant to Alfonso’s identity? Both of these conflicts illuminate Alfonso’s differences in priorities between Alfonso as a developing teenager versus his parents’ more conservative views and concerns. Internal: Alfonso is concerned about his appearance and wants to change how he looks.

What is the conflict in broken chain?

The main conflict in “Broken Chain” is when Alfonso breaks his bike, and has to tell Sandra, a girl he met, and who he agreed with to go bike riding, that his bike broke. “It lay in my hand like a dead snake”. This would be an external conflict…