How does Victor change in seventh grade by Gary Soto?


Why does Michael say he likes to scowl?

Why does Michael scowl? Michael scowls because he saw male models do it and he wants to impress the girls. What does it reveal about Michael and Victor that they have to buy their own clothes and work during the summer? It reveals that Michael and Victor are poor and that their parents can’t afford their clothes.

Why does Victor want French in 7th grade?

In “Seventh Grade” why does Victor choose to take French as his elective? He loves foreign languages and wants to impress his parents. He thinks he might travel to France some day and he likes a girl in that class. Victor embarrasses himself when he speaks gibberish French to try to impress Teresa.

What is the main reason Victor wants to take French at the beginning of the story?

Victor wants to take French because he wants to be in that class with his crush, Teresa.

How does the relationship change between Victor and Teresa in the story?

How does the relationship between Victor and Teresa change during this story? They left the class together. Teresa asked him ifhe would help her with her French. Bueller does not embarrass Victor by revealing to the class he does not know French.

What examples from the story indicate his feelings?

What examples from the story indicate his feelings? He is taken with her looks, her personality, and her mathematical ability. Bueller help Victor avoid an internal conflict between his desire to impress and feelings of embarrassment and regret.

What qualities does Teresa have that Victor likes?

Victor views Teresa as a cute girl who is very smart. Also, that she likes him. I know all this because, on page 117 paragraph 1 it says, “She was cute and good at math too.” Also on page 121 paragraph 2 it says, “Teresa asked him if he could help her with her French.”

What is the theme of Seventh Grade story?

Answer: Seventh Grade by Gary Soto explores the themes of coming of age, crushes, and youth.

How does Victor change in seventh grade by Gary Soto?

Victor changes his mindset in 7th grade. First of all, Him going into 7th grade In the text it says “The small triangle shaped campus bustled with students talking about their classes,”(Soto 1) This shows that he has a 7th grade mindset. So he thought he was a fool when Teresa thought he knew French.