Who is at the door in the Tell-Tale Heart?


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Is the narrator in the Tell-Tale Heart insane?

The state of mind of the Narrator in “The Tell-Tale Heart” is insane because of the specific details that he includes, and he is an unreliable narrator. The narrator was probably insane before the murder of this man. Secondly, he still hears the heartbeat after knowing he’s dead.

What is the main message of the Tell-Tale Heart?

The moral of “The Tell-Tale Heart” is that we should not commit crimes because, in the end, our own sense of guilt will expose us. In this story, the narrator takes cares of an elderly man but grows to fear and loathe what he calls his “Evil Eye.” He becomes obsessed with it and decides to murder the old man.

How does the narrator get caught Tell-Tale Heart?

Explanation: It is hearing the “tell-tale heart” because of his acute hearing that forces the narrator to confess his deed as he remains unable to ignore the loudening sound of his own guilt and crime.

What is the fear in the Tell-Tale Heart?

In Poe’s story, The Tell-Tale Heart, the narrator fears several things. On the surface, he fears the old man especially because of the eye. When the narrator can stand the eye no longer, he kills the old man and buries him beneath the floor.

What is the old man’s fear in Tell-Tale Heart?

According to the narrator, the old man suspects nothing because the narrator was super duper nice to him the week before he killed him. We can’t prove the old man wasn’t suspicious, but because he leaves his bedroom door unlocked we can assume it. We know the man isn’t naturally trusting – he’s afraid of robbers.

Is the old man in the tell-tale heart the protagonist?

Looked at in that way, the narrator is the protagonist and the old man (or his eye, even) is the antagonist. The protagonist to a story usually is the character around whom the action is centered; in this case, that is the murderous narrator.

Who was the old man to the narrator in the Tell-Tale Heart?

The exact relationship between the narrator and the old man is never explicitly stated or revealed in the short story. One cannot confirm or refute that the narrator is the old man’s servant, and their ambiguous relationship is open to interpretation.

What is the introduction of the Tell-Tale Heart?

An unnamed narrator opens the story by addressing the reader and claiming that he is nervous but not mad. He says that he is going to tell a story in which he will defend his sanity yet confess to having killed an old man.

Who is at the door in the Tell-Tale Heart?

Three men were at the door, three officers of the Page 4 67 E d g a r A l l a n P o e : S t o r y t e l l e r police. One of the neighbors had heard the old man’s cry and had called the police; these three had come to ask questions and to search the house.