Who comes under OBC category in Haryana?


Which surname is higher in Brahmin?

List of Brahmin surnames

Is Sharma a low caste?

Sharma is a Brahmin Hindu surname in India .

Is Sharma a high caste?

Many surnames, like Sharma, Iyer, Gupta etc, are strong markers of (upper) caste identity.

Which caste is higher caste?

For instance, individuals born into the highest caste, that is, the Brahmin caste have usually been priests and scholars. Individuals born into the Kshatriya caste have been warriors and kings.

Who is the richest Brahmin in India?

The non-Baniyas include three Brahmins: Nandan Nilekani ($1.8 billion) and S. Gopalakrishnan ($1.6 billion) of Infosys, and Vijay Mallya ($1.4 billion). Three of the others are from mercantile castes: Chandru Raheja ($1.9 billion), Brijmohan Lall Munjal of Hero Motors ($1.5 billion) and Vikas Oberoi ($1.4 billion).

Which is best OBC or general?

OBC are socially and educationally backward to the General category. So in social terms, in India society General is above/ treated with social respect and acceptance than OBC. And general category are thought to be richest.

Who comes under general caste?

Forward caste (referred as General Class/General Category/Open Category) is a term used in India to denote castes whose members are on average ahead of other Indians economically and socially.

Is BC and OBC are same?

BC means backward classes while OBC means other backward classes. So You don’t have to worry regarding such short term, they generally avoid O because either for typing purpose or because of the fact that BC itself means backward classes includes all the classes which are backward. So both are same thing.

Who all comes under OBC category?

Its report stated that prime beneficiaries of 97% OBC reservation includes Yadav, Kurmi, Jat (Jats of Rajasthan except those of Bharatpur and Dholpur district are in Central OBC list), Saini, Thevar, Ezhava and Vokkaliga castes.

Who are Dhiman in Haryana?

Dhiman is a Craftsman caste of India. Dhimans are a community or caste who have adopted engineering, art and architecture professions in India, and are followers of Lord Vishwakarma. They are found all over India. They comprise blacksmith, carpenter, metal craftsmen,stone-carver, goldsmith.

Which category Dhiman belongs to?

Vishwabrahmins or Dhimans are among the five sons of lord Vishwakarma, and are descended from Brahmins. They are into professions of engineering, art and architecture.

Who comes under OBC category in Haryana?

List of Backward Classes in Haryana State (Category Symbol, BCA) Block “A”