Where does Buried Onions take place?


What does Alfieri represent?

Alfieri represents the difficult stretch, embodied in the Brooklyn Bridge, from small ethnic communities filled with dock laborers to the disparate cosmopolitan wealth and intellectualism of Manhattan. The old and new worlds are codified in the immigrant-son Alfieri.

What does Alfieri symbolize?

What does Alfieri symbolize?

What does Alfieri mean by settle for half?

When he says “settle for half” he means that the community of Red Hook rarely resolves its feuds with violence anymore, like they did back when Al Capone roamed the streets. Now they compromise. They rely on the law. When Eddie first comes to him for help, Alfieri tells him, “You have no recourse in the law” (1.546).

What does Alfieri fear for Eddie?

Eddie’s betrayal Alfieri appears on stage as the chorus and says that the next time he saw Eddie, he felt afraid for him. He adds that his eyes were like tunnels and something about him made Alfieri want to phone the police, although he did not do this.

Why did Marco kill Eddie?

He goes to church to pray for forgiveness before he goes to attack Eddie. It is important that Marco does not have a weapon. He wants a fair fight. However, Eddie is so beyond reason at this point that he produces a knife, and this is the weapon which Marco turns against Eddie, killing him.

Why does Angel want Eddie?

Ever since they were kids together Angel has proven to be a bully and a thief. Eddie also suspects that Angel was involved in the theft of Mr. Stiles’s truck. Secondly, Angel wants Eddie to help him kill the guy who stabbed and killed Jesús, Eddie’s cousin and Angel’s blood brother.

Why does Eddie hate Rodolpho?

Eddie does not realize his feeling for Catherine because he has constructed an imagined world where he can suppress his urges. Because he has no outlet for his feelings—even in his own conscious mind—Eddie transfers his energy to a hatred of Marco and Rodolpho and causes him to act completely irrationally.

What does Eddie accuse Angel of stealing?

What does Eddie accuse Angel of, and how does Angel respond? While hitting Angel, Eddie accuses Angel of killing Jesus which he denies.

What errand does he have to run for Mr Stiles in the truck?

Chapter 2: What errand does Mr. Stiles ask Eddie to do? Take his truck to the dump. Take his truck to get new tires.

What did Eddie help his aunt do?

Expert Answers Eddie’s Aunt Delores leaves the tortillas on his front porch because she wants him to avenge the death of her son (Eddie’s cousin), Jesus. She later arrives at his apartment carrying a red dishtowel that hides a handgun, and she begs him to take it and to work with Angel to kill her son’s murderer.

Why does Eddie drop out of City College in Buried Onions?

Expert Answers Above all, he is looking to separate himself from the poverty and violence of the neighborhood in southeast Fresno where he grew up. When the novel opens he is at Fresno City College where he tells the reader he has recently dropped out of his classes and is going to sell his textbooks.

Did Angel kill Jesus in Buried Onions?

Although Angel had been with Jesus when he died, Eddie had not suspected him at first. Over time, however, rumors and a realization of the depth of Angel’s depravity have convinced Eddie that Angel had committed the ultimate betrayal and killed Jesus, whom he had called his carnal, or blood brother.

Why did Eddie drive past the park buried onions?

Why did Eddie drive past the park when he was in Mr. Stiles’s truck. Eddie drove past the park in Mr. Stiles’s truck to show off to the other kids.

How does Jesus die in Buried Onions?

Jesús is in the bathroom of a nightclub. A guy comes in wearing yellow shoes. Jesús looks down at the guy’s shoes and makes a comment. Suddenly, the man in the yellow shoes pulls out a blade and stabs it right into Jesús’ heart, killing him instantly.

What does the onion mean to Eddie?

The onion imagery is repeated several times, and symbolizes Eddie’s inner refusal to accept the real. Another symbolism for the title is Eddie himself; he wants to change his fortunes but he always hits the wall of culture and society.

What is the theme of buried onions?

Some of the major themes in this novel include racism, family, and hardship. As a Mexican youth living in the violence and poverty of the barrio, Eddie is well acquainted with the racist attitudes that oppress him and his hispanic acquaintances.

Who is Eddie in Buried Onions?

Eddie is the protagonist of the novel. He is 19 years old and has lived his entire life in the barrio of Fresno. He is a person of good morals, claiming that he does not even curse because he believes it is wrong.

What happened at the end of buried onions?

At the end Eddie decides to take the easy way out of Fresno. By that I mean Eddie enlisted in the navy to escape his life in Fresno. Take the example of Eddie taking any job he can find on the street for money.

Where does Buried Onions take place?

Fresno. Fresno is the city where the novel takes place. The majority of the action occurs in the barrio where Eddie lives, which is the poverty-stricken, drug-infested part of town where he grew up.