What is the highest grade in Pakistan?


Which is the top post in UPSC?

The cabinet secretary is the top-most post and senior civil officer of India’s government. The cabinet secretary is known to be the eleventh rank in the Indian order of priorities. He/she is under the direct responsibility of PM and is designated for two years.

What are Group A and Group B services?

The Group A officers are appointed by the President of India and appointments to Group B are made by the authorities specified by a general or special order of the President.

Who is a Group C employee?

Civil posts with a maximum pay (or a scale of pay) over Rs. 4000/- but less than Rs 9000./- are in Group `C’.

Who is the Class 1 officer?

The Class-I classification is for gazetted officers while Class-II refers to mainly the non-gazetted officers, though there are some gazetted officers in this category too. Class-III comprises clerical staff and Class-IV includes peons and helps or multi-tasking staff in the government hierarchy.

What is the salary of BPS 14 in Pakistan?

Pay Chart Scale 2021 for Federal, Punjab, and Balochistan Government

Is Grade 16 a gazetted officer?

Gazetted Officers BPS – 16 to 22 All Government Officer are gazetted Officer.

What is the grade of Federal Secretary?

The position holder is a BPS-22 grade officer, usually belonging to the Pakistan Administrative Service.

What is the salary of 16 grade officer in Pakistan?

Update on Public Sector Wages (2017)

What is the highest grade in Pakistan?

Grade 22 (also referred to as BPS-22 grade) is the highest attainable rank and pay scale for a civil servant in Pakistan. Grade 22 is equal to a 4-star rank of the Pakistan Armed Forces (the notion of BPS: Apex Scale does not exist).