What is the conflict of the school play by Gary Soto?


What happens after the climax of a story?

Denouement is the point in a story in which the conflict is resolved. The denouement always occurs after the climax, in the final part of a story’s narrative arc.

Can the climax be at the end of a story?

A climax will happen close to the end of the story with a brief resolution to tie up loose ends afterwards. It’s satisfying. If a climax does the job it’s meant to do, readers are satisfied that the conflict is resolved and the main question is answered, even if it’s not the outcome they were hoping for.

Which stage follows the climax of the story?

Answer: The stage that follows the climax of the story is D. the falling action. Explanation: The climax is the part of the story in which tension reaches its highest point. The climax of the story comes after the rising action and it is followed by the falling action.

What is the final stage of plot?

Climax: The climax occurs at the turning point which is usually the most suspenseful or emotional moment of the story. The climax is reached when the protagonist takes the last step to resolve a conflict or reach a goal. The result of this step or action is the turning point.

How many stages are in a plot?

five stages

What is sequence of events in a story?

Sequencing refers to the identification of the components of a story — the beginning, middle, and end — and also to the ability to retell the events within a given text in the order in which they occurred. The ability to sequence events in a text is a key comprehension strategy, especially for narrative texts.

What is the elements of plot in order?

Generally speaking, every plot has these five elements in this order : Exposition/introduction. Rising action. Climax/turning point.

What are the 5 plot stages in order?

The Five-Stage Story Structure

Which of the following is the most typical order of a plot?

The plot is the sequence of events in the story from the beginning to the end (timeline). Usually the order of events is: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.

What is the main purpose of falling actions in a story?

Falling action refers to the events that follow the climax of a story. While rising action builds tension throughout the story, falling action decreases that tension. It leads to the character’s ultimate resolution.

What background information have you learned about Robert?

What background information have you learned about Robert? He is scared of Belinda. He is a six grader. He has a line in the school play.

What effect does Robert’s delivery of his lines have on the end of the play?

What effect does Robert’s delivery of his lines have on the end of the play? a. Even though he does not deliver his line perfectly, the play goes well. Belinda makes a comment, but it does not affect Robert, the rest of his performance, or the play.

What happens on the day of the performance the school play?

What happened an the day of the performance? Robert gets nervous because Belinda threatens him and because of his beard. He says the line in the wrong order but he dosen’t ruin the play.

What is the conflict of the school play by Gary Soto?

Conflict Description Belinda threatens to beat up Robert if he messes up his line.