What is Nina short for in Russian?


Does God have a sister?

In last week’s episode Metatron was the character who revealed Amara was God’s sister so it’s obvious that he knew the truth. Metatron explained how God merely mentioned it whilst he was having his word being written down onto tablets, with Metatron as the scribe.

Can you marry your god sister?

Absolutely not. The children of one’s various God children cannot even marry. Members of families who have any two joined in aldephopoesis are considered blood kin and cannot intermarry. The bonds forged in the Spirit are more profound than those of blood and raise the same sorts of marriage prohibitions.

What is a Godsister?

Filters. The daughter of one’s godparent. noun. 4.

What’s a god father?

1 : a man who sponsors a person at baptism. 2 : one having a relation to someone or something analogous to that of a male sponsor to his godchild: such as. a : one that founds, supports, or inspires made him the godfather of a whole generation of rebels — The Times Literary Supplement (London)

What is a Spanish godmother called?

Spanish Translation. madrina. More Spanish words for godmother. la madrina noun. godmother.

What does a child call his godparents?

In our case, godparents are family friends. We tend to call them “Aunt Sue” and “Uncle Joe,” or “Aunt Mary” and “Uncle Bob.”

What is a godmother called?


What does it mean when a guy calls you Nina?

It would be like saying “baby” to someone you like, as in “hey, baby, how you doing?” Or, “I love you, baby.” A similar word is “nena,” which in some countries means the same as “niña.” Men often call their girlfriends “nena” as a sign of affection. If he’s your boss or in a position. It depends on many things.

Why do rappers say Nina?

These were apparently really popular among gang members and rappers because i’ve heard the term in dozens of rap songs. Nina is a reference to a 9mm pistol (ninA, ninE: get it?). Like, when you’re playing spades and you lay down a nine, you might say “Nina Ross and her farting hoss [horse].”

Does Nina mean strong?

Nina is a feminine Russian name derived from original Georgian form Nino. Also, In Native American, the name Nina means “strong”. Other origins for the name Nina include – Native American, Hebrew, Spanish, English. In Europe it is a short form of names such as Marina and Katharina.

What does Tania mean in Russian?

The name Tania is primarily a female name of Russian origin that means Fairy Queen.

What Nina means?

Meaning of the name Nina Derived from Hebrew, meaning God was gracious and has shown favour. May also come from the Spanish ‘nina’ meaning little girl.

What is Nina short for in Russian?

It is a Russian short form of Antonia or Anna, but also derives from the name Ninos, the founder of the Greek city Ninive. Another root of the name Nina is Saint Nino/Nina of Georgia.