What is FERA and FEMA in economics?


How do you account for foreign currency transactions?

Record the Value of the Transaction

What is the limit of foreign currency?

But if the aggregate value of the foreign exchange in the form of currency notes, bank notes or travellers’ cheques brought in exceeds $10,000 or its equivalent and/or the value of foreign currency alone exceeds $5,000 or its equivalent, it should be declared to the customs authorities at the airport in the Currency …

What is provision of foreign currency?

What is provision of foreign currency?

What is FEMA violation?

Contravention is a breach of the provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999 and rules/ regulations/ notification/ orders/ directions/ circulars issued there under. Compounding refers to the process of voluntarily admitting the contravention, pleading guilty and seeking redressal.

What is FEMA PPT?

 Statutory Basis for Exchange Control  The Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1973 (FERA 1973), as amended by the Foreign Exchange Management (Amendment) Act, 1999, forms the statutory basis for Exchange Control in India. …

What are the main provisions of FEMA?

The major provisions of FEMA, 1999 relate to following matters :

Who is Authorised person under FEMA?

An ” Authorized Person” under FEMA, is a person who is authorized by Reserve Bank to deal in Foreign Exchange. For being registered as an ” Authorized Person”, necessary application along with relevant documents has to be furnished to Reserve Bank.

Which transactions are permitted without any approval under FEMA?

In terms of Section 5 of the FEMA, persons resident in India 1 are free to buy or sell foreign exchange for any current account transaction except for those transactions for which drawal of foreign exchange has been prohibited by Central Government, such as remittance out of lottery winnings; remittance of income from …

What is the scope of FEMA?

Objectives & Scope of FEMA. Objective as per Preamble: -The objective is to consolidate and amend the law relating to foreign exchange with view to: Facilitate external trade and payments. For promoting development & maintenance of foreign exchange market in India.

What are the objectives of FEMA?

Objectives of FEMA: The main objective of FEMA was to help facilitate external trade and payments in India. It was also meant to help orderly development and maintenance of the foreign exchange market in India. It defines the procedures, formalities, dealings of all foreign exchange transactions in India.

What is the role of FEMA?

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) mission is to support the citizens and first responders to promote that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.

What are the salient features of FERA and FEMA?

It gives full freedom to a person resident in India, who was earlier resident outside India, to hold/own/transfer any foreign security/immovable property situated outside India and acquired when s/he was resident. f. This act is a civil law and the contraventions of the Act provide for arrest only in exceptional cases.

What are the features of FERA?

Salient Features of FERA:

What is FEMA and why is it important?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the federal agency responsible for leading the Nation’s efforts to prepare for, protect and mitigate against, respond to, and recover from the impacts of natural disasters and man-made incidents or terrorist events.

What is FEMA and its features?

What are the features of FEMA? FEMA gives power to the central government for imposing restrictions on activities like making payments to a person situated outside of the country or receiving money through them. Apart from this, foreign exchange as well as foreign security deals are also restricted by FEMA.

What is FEMA limit?

Ans. Under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme, all resident individuals, including minors, are allowed to freely remit up to USD 2,50,000 per financial year (April – March) for any permissible current or capital account transaction or a combination of both.

What is FEMA Indian economy?

The Central Government of India formulated an act to encourage external payments and across the border trades in India known as the Foreign Exchange Management Act. FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) was introduced in the year 1999 to replace an earlier act FERA (Foreign Exchange Regulation Act).

What do you understand by FEMA and FERA?

FERA is an act which is enacted to regulate payments and foreign exchange in India, is FERA. FEMA an act initiated to facilitate external trade and payments and to promote orderly management of the forex market in the country. FEMA came out as an extension of the earlier foreign exchange act FERA.

What does Fera mean?

The Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) was legislation passed in India in 1973 that imposed strict regulations on certain kinds of payments, the dealings in foreign exchange (forex) and securities and the transactions which had an indirect impact on the foreign exchange and the import and export of currency.

What is FERA and FEMA in economics?

FERA was an act promulgated, to regulate payments and foreign exchange in India, on the contrary FEMA is an act to promote orderly management of the foreign exchange in India. …