What does delayed accessory relay do?


Where do you put a fuse in a circuit?

Fuses should always be connected to the hot wire and should be placed before any other component in the circuit. In most projects, the fuse should be the first thing the hot wire connects to after it enters your project enclosure.

How do you test a BMW relay?

Connect multimeter -ve to 30. Set multimeter range to 200mA or a higher range. Connect multimeter +ve to battery +ve, the relay should click and you should get a reading of around 125mA. If you have all of the above the relay is ok.

What is a battery saver relay?

the battery saver relays main purpose is to turn off interior lights if you leave your door open for a long period of time, so your battery isn’t drained. it’s supposed to turn off the interior lights after 10-40 minutes.

What is a delayed accessory fuse?

The accessory fuse that is mentioned is actually called the accessory delay relay fuse. It is doing it’s job. The purpose of the relay is to allow you to use the radio, electric locks, power windows, moonroof while in the car with the key off but before you have exited the vehicle.

What does accessory relay control?

Relays are devices that isolate high draw electrical devices from the rest of your vehicle’s electrical system, including low voltage switches.

What does delayed accessory power mean?

Many vehicles are equipped with a feature called “delayed accessory power” or “retained accessory power” (RAP) that allows the vehicle operator to listen to the radio and adjust the power windows for a short period of time after the keys are removed from the ignition lock cylinder.

What does delayed accessory relay do?

The accessory delay is a feature that allows you to use your accessories, including the audio system, for up to 10 minutes after shutting the engine off. Opening the driver front door or the passenger front door after turning off the ignition automatically cancels the accessory delay and all electronics will turn off.