What can go wrong with Stapedectomy?


Does otosclerosis affect both ears?

Most people with otosclerosis notice hearing problems in their 20s or 30s. One or both ears can be affected. Symptoms of otosclerosis include: hearing loss that gets gradually worse over time.

How much does otosclerosis surgery cost?

On MDsave, the cost of a Stapedectomy or Stapedectomy Revision is $8,269. Those on high deductible health plans or without insurance can save when they buy their procedure upfront through MDsave.

How long after Stapedectomy Can you drive?

How long after Stapedectomy Can you drive?

When can I wash my hair after Stapedectomy?

Cover the incision in front of your ear with antibiotic ointment twice day. You may shower and wash your hair 48 hours after surgery. Change your cotton ball after your shower and try to avoid spraying water directly into the ear.

How do you clean your ears after Stapedectomy?

Do not allow water to enter your ear until advised by your doctor. The outer cap may be removed 48 hours after surgery. You may shower 48 hours after the operation. When showering, place a small clean piece of cotton dipped in Vaseline in your outer ear opening to keep water out.

How soon can you fly after Stapedectomy?

Post-stapedotomy disposal of Indian civil aircrew The applicants are not allowed to fly for a period of one to three months following stapes surgery to allow complete healing to take place.

What is the surgery for otosclerosis?

Surgery — Surgery can be a highly effective treatment for otosclerosis. The procedure is called a “stapedectomy” (or “stapedotomy”). The procedure is intended to “bypass” the fixed part of the stapes bone by removing it, and replacing it with a new, mobile, prosthetic bone.

When does taste return after Stapedectomy?

Conclusion: The incidence of taste disturbance after stapes surgery is high (61.9%), whereas the majority (94.8%) recovers within 1 year. More severe surgical nerve trauma caused more disturbance, implying that the nerve should be handled carefully during surgery.

Are you put to sleep for a Stapedectomy?

You will get medicine to make you sleep or feel relaxed during the surgery. You will not feel pain. The doctor will use a microscope and place small surgical tools through the opening in your ear canal to do the surgery.

How long does a Stapedectomy operation take?

The procedure takes about 90 minutes, and many patients are able to return home the same day. The surgeon uses a local anesthesia to relax the patient but not put them completely to sleep. Numbing medicine is used in the ear where the surgery itself takes place.

How long does a Stapedectomy take to heal?

It generally takes about four weeks for the ear to heal. By the fourth week, patients normally notice an improvement of the hearing.

How do you sleep after Stapedectomy?

Rest when you feel tired. Getting enough sleep will help you recover. For the first week, sleep with your head up by using two or three pillows. You can also try to sleep with your head up in a reclining chair.

Does otosclerosis skip a generation?

It can appear to skip generations as some people with otosclerosis have minimal hearing loss and are essentially asymptomatic but pass it on through genetics to their children. The condition can therefore cause hearing loss in a person without a known family history of it.

What is the difference between Stapedectomy and Stapedotomy?

What’s the Difference? Compared to a stapedectomy, a stapedotomy includes the use of a laser to make a precise hole (fenestration) in the stapes footplate. While a stapedectomy typically removes the entire stapes footplate and has it replaced with a micro prosthesis.

Can you have an MRI after a Stapedectomy?

It is safe to have MRI scan after a stapedectomy operation. Patients may fly in a plane three weeks after surgery. Otosclerosis is a disorder in which abnormal bone forms around the stapes — a tiny bone within your inner ear.

Does tinnitus go away after Stapedectomy?

In patients with no tinnitus or less than a small problem with tinnitus (TFIpre < 15), stapedectomy carries a 10% risk of transient worsening of tinnitus at 1 month, which resolves by the sixth postoperative month.

Can Stapedectomy cause hearing loss?

Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL), a devastating postsurgical complication of stapedectomy, is often accompanied by vertigo and tinnitus. The reported incidence of SNHL varies between 0.2% and 1% in patients who have undergone primary stapedectomy.

What to expect after a Stapedectomy?

You may have some ear pain or a headache and be slightly dizzy for several days after the surgery. Your ear will probably feel blocked or stuffy. This usually gets better as the eardrum heals and after the doctor takes the cotton or gauze packing out of the ear canal.

How safe is a Stapedectomy?

The results of this surgery are generally most reliable in patients whose stapes has lost mobility because of otosclerosis. Nine out of ten patients who undergo the procedure will come out with significantly improved hearing while less than 1% will experience worsened hearing acuity or deafness.

What can go wrong with Stapedectomy?

Side Effects of Stapedectomy Surgery