What attacked Brian as he watched the sunrise?


What effect did eating so many berries have upon Brian?

What effect did eating so many berries have upon Brian. He got sick and threw up and had diarrhea. When Brain saw the Bear he remained still which did not distract the bear from eating his berries. The bear wanted food not Brian so by staying still the bear did not notice him all that much.

What did Brian call the berries that made him sick?

gut cherries

How did Brian make his shelter safer?

He uses logs and sticks to “build in” the shelter and protect himself from the elements. He remains in the area along the shore so he will have access to water and food.

How is Brian thoughtful in hatchet?

thoughtful, perceptive, and flexible. Brian starts his time in the woods as miserable as anyone would be, stranded alone and hungry. But he quickly begins to adjust, figuring out the rhythm of forest life and trying to keep a positive attitude. In the forest, he learns, there is no use or room for self-pity.

How has Brian changed mentally?

How has Brian changed mentally? Brian is depressed and cries constantly. When Brian hears or sees something he knows what it is in his mind, and he moves to be ready for it, to deal with it. Brian is a nervous wreck, jumping at every little sound.

How old is Brian from Hatchet?


What is the main idea of Brian’s Winter?

Winter is around the corner and Mother Nature’s job is to make sure whoever is not prepared will suffer the deadly cold. The protagonist in this story is Brian Robeson. Brian’s motive in this book is one to survive, two get better weapons, and three to find help.

Where has Hatchet been banned?

Hatchet has been banned in a few areas, mostly through parents’ objections of the novel as assigned reading in elementary schools, for Paulsen’s depiction of the trials and tribulations of the main character after his plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness.

Is hatchet based on a true story?

Here are the real events that inspired Gary Paulsen to write Brian Robeson’s story in Hatchet, The River, Brian’s Winter, Brian’s Return, and Brian’s Hunt: a stint as a volunteer emergency worker; the death that became the pilot’s death in Hatchet; plane crashes he’s seen; and his own near misses.

What was the secret in hatchet?

Brian is haunted by what he calls the Secret. He remembers it in dreams mostly, but it comes to him when he’s awake as well. We find out that the Secret is the fact that his mother is having an affair–Brian saw her with another man in a station wagon while he was riding bikes with Terry.

Does Brian die in hatchet?

In Gary Paulsen’s novel Hatchet, Brian Robeson is a passenger traveling by plane across the wilderness of Minnesota when the pilot has a heart attack and dies. Brian survives the subsequent plane crash and has to learn how to survive in the wilderness, alone, with nothing but a hatchet in his possession.

Who found Brian in hatchet?

Who found Brian in hatchet?

What item in the plane does Brian think will make him so rich?

As Brian begins to fall asleep, he thinks of the plane and an image of the survival pack in the airplane comes into mind. Brian imagines that the pack probably has a treasure trove of tools that he can use. He imagines there might be a sleeping bag, matches, and knives. ”I would be rich.

What happened in Chapter 17 and 18 of hatchet?

Brian has trouble making a raft that will stay together in the water, but he finally figures it out. However, by the time he is done, it is too late to go out to the plane. The next morning, Brian pushes the raft out to the plane, but he cannot find a way inside. Brian examines the plane.

What was Brian’s problem at the end of Chapter 17?

The problem that Brian faces at the end of chapter 17 of Hatchet is that he can’t find a way to get inside the wreckage of the airplane to retrieve the survival pack.

What did Brian miss the most the first few days after the crash?

What did Brian miss the most the first few days after the crash? How was Brian rescued? He found a ledge and wove a door for it. How did Brian store his food?

Did Brian have a hard time awake after plane crash?

Brian had a hard time trying to stay awake after the plane crash. Brian thought the place where he had landed was ugly with its brown trees. Brian is troubled by the secret.

What did Brian always keep in sight so he didn’t get lost?

He decided to always keep the lake in sight, so that he would not get lost; even if he came back to a different place on the lake’s shore, he could find his camp by going along the edge.

What happened to Brian when he was 9 in hatchet?

What happened to Brian when he was 9 years old? Brian drove his bike into a car and broke his ankle.

How does Brian know the pilot is having a heart attack?

He notices the smell of body gas in the plane and assumes the pilot had a stomachache. A jolt of pain barring his efforts to use the radio, the pilot jerks and flails in his seat while it becomes apparent to Brian that he is having a heart attack.

What was the first sign that the pilot wasn’t feeling well in hatchet?

1) The plane crashed into the lake. 2)Brian felt like his legs were on fire and his head felt like a hammer was hitting him. 3) Brian vomited. 4) The pilot had a heart attack and died.

Did Brian eat the pilot in hatchet?

After a few tries, Brian succeeds in picking the hatchet up from the bottom, having barely enough air in his lungs to return to the surface. He continues to cut into the plane and swims down into it to retrieve the survival pack. On his way back up he sees the pilot’s head, the flesh eaten away by fish.

Does Brian try to kill himself in hatchet?

After the plane flies by him without spotting him, Brian feels incredibly defeated. He even tries to commit suicide by cutting himself with his hatchet.

How does the pilot die in hatchet?

As he travels from Hampton, New York on a single-engine Cessna bush plane to visit his father in the oil fields in Northern Canada for the summer, the pilot suffers a massive heart attack and dies.

Why must Brian get his hatchet back?

Brian must get the hatchet back in order to start fire, use as a weapon, and use as a tool.

How did Brian get into the plane?

How was Brian able to get into the plane? He cut through the aluminum siding with his hatchet. Why did Brain have to dive down into the water when he was trying to get into the plane? He dove in the water to retrieve his hatchet.

What was the secret that was like a knife cutting into Brian?

(4)Describe the secret that was “like a knife cutting into Brian.” Why was this thought so upsetting to him? The mosquitoes and flies attack him.

What is the first problem Brian faces when the sun comes up?

What is the first problem Brian faces when the sun comes up? Mosquitoes start to bite him. If you keep walking back from good luck, he thought, you’ll come to bad luck” (pg.

What attacked Brian as he watched the sunrise?

By the time he does, the sun is up enough to dimly light the forest, and hundreds of mosquitoes begin to attack Brian. Brian’s face is puffed, and his eyes are nearly swollen shut in only a few minutes as the mosquitoes sting him.