Should I use my real name as an author?


Is JK Rowling a pseudonym?

Jo Rowling

Who is the best female author?

Here are 10 of the most mentioned authors, in no particular order, and what our readers had to say about them:

Is Stephen King a pen name?

Richard Bachman

Why do female writers use pseudonyms?

Many female writers have adopted male nom de plumes, or otherwise gender-ambiguous pseudonyms, for a number of reasons: to publish without prejudice in male-dominated circles; to experiment with the freedom of anonymity; or to encourage male readership.

Why you shouldn’t use a pen name?

Pen names can complicate social gatherings, especially if you forget and introduce yourself to someone under your given name, or fail to respond when someone calls you by your pen name. Also, conferences and signings may become challenging if you’re juggling two names.

Should I use my real name or a pseudonym?

To use or not use a pen name or pseudonym is a personal choice. There’s not really a right or wrong answer on this—unless you do share a name with a well-known author and/or celebrity. Just remember: If you do use one, be ready to take on that new persona (even if it’s very similar to your actual identity).

Do authors use fake names?

A: Authors write under pseudonyms, or pen names, for a variety of reasons. Established authors will do it to cross genres and keep from aggravating their fan bases. When an author is under contract, her publisher may own the rights to any upcoming work under her name.

Do you have to use your real name when publishing a book?

There is no use hiding your real name from self-publisher. After all, your legal name will be required in order to get paid royalties and other fees. They will want to be aware of the identity and background of the authors they publish since their own company name will be at stake, too.

Should I use my real name as an author?

As a general rule, most authors should publish under their legal, given name. If an author has written an exposé and must remain anonymous for professional reasons, a pen name is quite understandable. Otherwise critics tend to regard a pen name as an affectation and anachronistic. It also makes promotion difficult.