How do I complain to CMO in Gujarat?


Is Ahmedabad named after a bird?

Amandava is a genus of the estrildid finches. The name amandava, along with amadavat and amidavad are all corruptions of Ahmedabad, a city in Gujarat, India from where the first few specimens of the red munia Amandava amandava were obtained. …

Why is Ahmedabad so dusty?

One more reason is very less number of trees in the city of Ahmedabad. Tress create less polluted and better climatic conditons. There are industries on the outskirts as well that add to the dirt in the city. Proper disposal practices implemented in these industries may help the city remain clean.

Who was the king of Ahmedabad?

Ahmad Shah I, born Ahmad Khan, was a ruler of the Muzaffarid dynasty, who reigned over the Gujarat Sultanate from 1411 until his death in 1442. He founded Ahmedabad city in 1411….

What was the former name of Gujarat?

Gujarat was also known as Pratichya and Varuna. The Arabian Sea makes up the state’s western coast. The capital, Gandhinagar is a planned city.

Who is the health minister of Gujarat?

Nitin Ratilal Patel (born 22 June 1956) is an Indian politician from Gujarat. He serves as the Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat since 5 August 2016 and the Minister for Health, Medical Education, Family Welfare, Road and Building, Capital Project.

Which party is ruling Gujarat?

Gujarat Legislative Assembly

Who is the governor and chief minister of Gujarat?

Incumbent. Vijay Rupani The Chief Minister of Gujarat is the chief executive of the government of the Indian state of Gujarat. The governor appoints the chief minister, whose council of ministers are collectively responsible to the assembly.

How do I complain to CMO in Gujarat?

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