How did Montag escape the hound?


How does Montag feel after killing Beatty?

Also, Montag destroys the Mechanical Hound with his flamethrower, but only after it injects his leg with anesthesia. Later, however, Montag regrets his murder of Beatty as he realizes that he acted irrationally against Beatty, perceiving him as representative of the ills of his society.

Why does Montag think Beatty wanted to die?

Why does Montag think Beatty wants to die? Montag thinks Beatty wants to die because even though Montag is armed with a flamethrower, Beatty just stands there, “not really trying to save himself . . .

What page does Montag find out Clarisse died?

page 22

Does the hound kill Montag?

The Mechanical Hound appears and injects Montag’s leg with anesthetic before he manages to destroy it with his flamethrower. Montag stumbles away on his numb leg.

Why does Montag leave the fire station?

He wants to keep his guilty, book-tainted hands hidden, and in two allusions to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in which blood and hand washing signify guilt, Montag goes twice to the restroom to wash his hands, and also feels he has blood on his hands.

What happens to Montag as he leaving the hound?

The flames destroy the robot, but it still manages to stab him slightly with its needle, injecting some poison into his leg. What happens to Montag as he leaving the Hound? He steps back from the Hound, but he steps onto the road. Suddenly, a car races by, hitting him on the knee and knocking him down.

How is Montag going to try to escape?

To get there, Montag must cross the river and follow the train tracks. During his escape, Montag is being pursued by the Mechanical Hound, yet the Hound loses Montag’s scent because Faber helps to mask Montag’s scent and Montag crosses water, which confuses the Hound.

How did Montag escape the hound?

Montag escapes from the city by killing Captain Beatty, surviving the Mechanical Hound, and planting books in Black’s home before arriving at Professor Faber’s house. Montag then runs toward the river, where he removes his clothes, douses himself with liquor, and puts on Faber’s old clothes.