Did Eminem do therapy?


Who made Eminem Godzilla beat?


What did Machine Gun Kelly say to make Eminem mad?

The feud began back in 2012 when Kelly tweeted about seeing a photo of Eminem’s teenage daughter Hailie. “I have to say, she is hot as f***, in the most respectful way possible cuz Em is king,” he tweeted. It wasn’t until six years later that Eminem responded on the song “Not Alike” from the album Kamikaze.

Did Eminem write rap devil?

The song is aimed at fellow American rapper Eminem. The song was produced by Ronny J and Nils….Rap Devil.

Did MGK write Eminem diss?

The song is Eminem’s response to Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil” that was released in 2018 after Eminem dissed MGK in his song “Not Alike” from his tenth studio album Kamikaze….Killshot (song)

Does Ronny J rap?

Ronald Oneil Spence, Jr. (born September 14, 1992), professionally known as Ronny J (formerly stylized as RONNYJLI$TENUP), is an American record producer, singer, rapper, and songwriter.

Who wrote rap devil?

Machine Gun Kelly

Does Machine Gun Kelly have a kid?

Casie Colson Baker

Did Eminem do therapy?

Eminem tried rehab but didn’t like the experience as fellow patients were asking him for autographs and he couldn’t concentrate on his problems that he had to face head on. Mathers did not seek formal treatment and instead, chose to self-detox and work with a rehab counselor.