Can you take Prozac and Risperdal at the same time?


Does Risperdal affect memory?

Results suggested that the use of oral risperidone appeared to be associated with within-group improvements on the cognitive domains of processing speed, attention/vigilance, verbal and visual learning and memory, and reasoning and problem solving in patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.

Does Risperdal cause brain damage?

One of the most disturbing dangerous side effects of Risperdal is the increased risk of death in elderly patients with dementia. These elderly dementia patients died from pneumonia, cardiac failure, or stroke while taking Risperdal.

What would risperidone do to a normal person?

“It restores dopamine simulation to normal levels, and that then treats psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations, manic symptoms such as what one would experience in bipolar disorder and behavioral dysregulation in autistic disorder.”

Is Risperdal a mood stabilizer?

Risperidone is used to treat certain mental/mood disorders (such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, irritability associated with autistic disorder). This medication can help you to think clearly and take part in everyday life. Risperidone belongs to a class of drugs called atypical antipsychotics.

Can Risperdal cause aggression?

“It has pretty big effects on tantrums, aggression and self-injury,” says Lawrence Scahill, professor of pediatrics at the Marcus Autism Center at Emory University in Atlanta, who has conducted clinical trials of risperidone. The change can be dramatic, he says, taking effect in a matter of weeks.

Why is risperidone taken at night?

Splitting the daily dose into a morning and evening dose may help reduce symptoms of drowsiness in people with persistent drowsiness. Risperidone may cause drowsiness and you should not drive or operate machinery if risperidone has this effect on you.

Who should not take risperidone?

Who should not take RISPERIDONE?

What medications Cannot be taken with risperiDONE?

These medications may interact and cause very harmful effects….Serious Interactions

Can you take Prozac and Risperdal at the same time?

FLUoxetine may increase the blood levels and effects of risperiDONE. You may need a dose adjustment or more frequent monitoring by your doctor to safely use both medications. Contact your doctor if your condition changes or you experience increased side effects.