Why does ITP happen?

In the majority of people with ITP, the condition isn’t serious or life-threatening. Acute ITP in children often resolves within six months or less without treatment. Chronic ITP can last for many years. People can live for many decades with the disease, even those with severe cases.
Immune thrombocytopenia usually happens when your immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys platelets, which are cell fragments that help blood clot. In most children with ITP , the disorder follows a viral illness, such as the mumps or the flu.
ITP is a blood disorder. ITP may happen suddenly and go away in about 6 months. Or it may be ongoing (chronic) and last for years. Treatment options include medicines that can reduce platelet destruction, or help the body make more platelets.

Furthermore, is ITP caused by stress? Research suggests that physical or psychological stress and the resultant oxidative stress in the body may also trigger episodes of ITP,7 exacerbate fatigue15 and prolong duration of the platelet disorder in children.

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