What is the best way to clean a greenhouse?

To control algae growth on a growing medium’s surface or in other areas in the greenhouse, start by looking at the water source. If it is in the water lines, they will need to be cleaned out and then kept clean using one of the following: chlorine dioxide, copper ionization, hydrogen dioxide, etc.
Both the inside and outside of your greenhouse panes will need cleaning. Take a bucket and sponge and long handled sponge, thoroughly wiping over every pane with a solution of glass cleaner to soak and scrub off dirt. Use a stable platform or stepladder to reach the glass in high ridges.
Jeyes Ready To Use is perfect for cleaning greenhouses. Pour the fluid into a bucket, soak a cloth and wipe down all surfaces. Ensure you cover all delicate plants and seed trays and lastly hose down with clean water.
It’s important to carefully clean and inspect everything in your greenhouse before the new season begins. Most pests easily survive the winter on the ground, in weeds, folds in the plastic sheeting and at the base of posts. DISINFECT your crop area — By cleaning with soap or other suitable cleaning products.

Secondly, how do I sanitize my greenhouse soil? Start by spreading your used soil out on a cookie sheet or other large, flat, oven-safe surface, making a layer less than four inches deep. Set your oven to its lowest setting and move the rack to the middle, or use two racks if you have a lot of medium to sterilize.

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