Can I cancel rental car reservation?

If you cancel your booking less than 7 days, but at least 24 hours before your specified pick up time you will be refunded the booking amount minus a small cancellation fee. You will need to call 1 (855) 266-9289 to find out the exact cancellation fee.
Most rental car reservations can be canceled at any time without penalty. To cancel a rental car reservation, go to My Itineraries and open the itinerary that contains the reservation you wish to cancel. Click Cancel this car and verify the cancellation on the next page.
Enter your details and open your booking. You’ll find a ‘Cancel Booking’ button at the top of the ‘My Bookings’ page. Tap that, enter the reason why you wish to cancel, and confirm the cancellation. We’ll let you know if any cancellation fees apply, and we’ll cancel the booking for you.
If you wish to cancel before your rental pick-up time, you must cancel and request a refund online. Once cancelled, we will credit you within approximately seven business days. You will incur a $50 processing fee if you choose to cancel a prepaid reservation 24 hours prior to the rental pickup time.

Subsequently, question is, are car rentals refundable? Rentals are final and cannot be cancelled, refunded, changed, exchanged or transferred. Your account will be charged for the total price shown, regardless of whether the reservation is used.” Naturally, rental car companies love prepaid bookings because it’s guaranteed money in the bank.

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