Who invented cleft palate surgery?

Doctors Who Treat Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate. Many children born with cleft lip/cleft palate are treated by a craniofacial team that provides coordinated care by a group of specialists with expertise in craniofacial problems, including: A surgeon (plastic surgeon, oral maxillofacial surgeon, or neurosurgeon)
In 1764, Le Monnier, a French dentist, successfully repaired a cleft velum with a few sutures and hot cautery of the edges. von Graefe, 50 years later, produced inflammation of the velar margins before bringing them together in his palate suture and is credited with performing the first velar repair of a cleft in 1816.
The first documented Cleft lip surgery is from China in 390 BC in an 18 year old would be soldier, Wey Young-Chi.
Cleft Palate. Cleft palate is caused by arrested development of the maxilla during embryogenesis, resulting in a midline defect that allows for communication between the oral and nasal cavities. Clefts may be partial, where the maxilla only is affected, or complete with clefting of both the maxilla and lip.

One may also ask, how many surgeries does it take to fix a cleft palate? How many surgeries is average to correct the palate and make it not-so-noticeable? That varies from patient to patient. At the minimum, one surgery is needed to repair the lip and a separate surgery is needed to repair the palate. However, several surgeries are needed to make the lip appear as normal as possible.

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